Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fruitvale Station Review

I wasn't overly familiar with what happened to Oscar Grant 4 years ago at New Years but that didn't stop this movie from having the immense impact that it did, it is honestly a movie that everybody should see not just because of well made it is but because of its relevance to society today. 

The movie opens with real video footage of the tragedy that happened to Oscar Grant by the BART police officers at Oakland, but it isn't until much later into the movie (where it flashes back to the movie's shot footage, of Michael B. Jordan's portrayal, of Grant a day before the incident) that the emotional impact of it truly sets it. And while I am mentioning, Michael B. Jordan, I should say that his performance was outstanding the best acting performance I have seen this year and it really shows a star in the making with Jordan. He displayed immense control with his performance and it was completely realistic and believable. 

Also, Ryan Coogler's take on Oscar Grant as a director was fantastic in that it neither glorified him nor condemned him but showed him as he was, a man with a troubled past, a hard life, who was trying in what ways he could to turn his life around from the flaws of his past. The relationships portrayed were done spot on and it was almost as if they were able to get pieces of the actual day and put it onto the screen.

Fruitvale Station is a must see because of how relevant the entire story is to today and how much can be actually learned from it. It displays the abuse of power, and how much injustice is dealt because of not only our flawed systems but because of who we decide to give authoritative power to and how much trust we put into people with little actual knowledge with what they are doing. The ending was explosive and impactful dealing also with how much prejudice is actually still common in our society today and a problem that all to often ignore. You see the hope of a man trying to make himself better for his family and you see how senseless violence shatters hope and how it often ends in complete injustice. I highly encourage everybody to see it because it really opens your eyes to how impactful tragedies really are and how in all these tragedies you have to remember it isn't just a face on a news page, it isn't just a random, supposed street thug or an angel who did nothing wrong but a man with faults but many good qualities and hope that not only beset the faults but overtake them which emphasizes just how tragic these tragedies really are.
10/10 Sticks of Bamboo

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