Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gravity Review

Thousands of miles above the Earth's surface, adrift through orbit, "Gravity" feeds on the oft' unthought of fear of the vast dangers of space. With many movies you'll see a trailer or hype that a film can't live up to, that's the exact opposite of this space epic. Not only does this film steal your breath in jaw-dropping visuals and suspenseful it captivates you to completely emotionally cheer on this woman you have barely known, and dwells subtly (but with complete focus and clarity) on... (Minor Spoiler Warning after the break) 

*MINOR THEMATIC SPOILER* the theme of rebirth, starting anew. *MINOR THEMATIC SPOILER ENDED* 

The direction in this film is absolutely outstanding, and you can see it with every single shot, with a screenplay that ties everything together with complete and utter detail (there is only one small segment which I thought was realistically questionable, although I'll need a second viewing to make a final judgement), it sucks you into orbit within the first 30 seconds of the movie and it doesn't let you go until the credits roll out. You can tell everything within the film was finely crafted with Cuaron's subtle touch, even the way sound is shown through the movie creates a powerful, realistic style. I'm not going to dwell to far into anything because I don't want to spoil anything but let me just say that it is breathtaking shot, after breathtaking shot, after breathtaking shot, it is impeccably beautiful. 

There were only two actual performances in the movie (Bullock and Clooney), but by golly are they great. Clooney provides great support throughout various points of the movie while Bullock firmly carries her weight throughout, she fully captivates her character and ultimately helps to elevate the theme Cuaron is portraying with the film. While, I cannot say if Bullock has the Oscar or not yet, I can definitely confirm that she will be nominated for this (and I can also pretty much guarantee nominations for Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Visual Effects, Original Score, Screenplay, and other various awards as well). 

Speaking of original score, Steven Price does a phenomenal job at the musical score for this film. The soundtrack comes in at all the right moments, he plays the silence at all the right moments, and the compositions are probably the most memorable work I have heard this year, with fantastic range. Steven Price is definitely a composer to look out for. 

Overall, despite the fact that I really want to talk about a lot of the shots and gravity behind them, I won't (for this review at least) for the mere fact that it is a review and the average person has not seen it yet. Creating an ingenious depiction of collapsing and returning to your feet through rebirth, Gravity is the must-see movie of the year where everything balances out perfectly.

10/10 Sticks of Bamboo

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