Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The World's End Review

The World's End is the concluding chapter (kind of) of the Cornetto trilogy directed by Edgar Wright, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. While the World's End isn't as good as previous movies in the 'trilogy' such as Hot Fuzz, it is still a very solid and entertaining piece of cinema which is filled with mostly smart laughs. 

The story of the World's End is the rambunctious Simon Pegg gathering up his old buddies (Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, etc.) to try and attempt what they failed to do as children, the golden mile (in which they attempt to drink a pint at the 12 pubs in their town, ending at the World's End). While the movie is funny under this premise it really starts to pick up pace after a certain robot-apocalyptic twist comes in and shakes things up for the better. 

Once the twist comes in the movie never strays from being up-beat and always moving, while also picking up a lot of laughs (and some heart on the way to). If I had to point out a major flaw in the movie it is that the movie at different points could feel a bit repetitive, especially in the beginning. While, I can understand why this was done it made the movie drag in pace a little at different points, and while this isn't a major flaw in the movie, it is a minor fault I found with it while watching. 

The performances are all fine, but who really steals the show is Simon Pegg who really puts everything into the character and it ends up being one of Simon Pegg's best performances. The majority of the laughs are either because of something with Simon Pegg's character or seeing the foil between Pegg's character and his other buddies. 

The best part of the movie however has to be one of the final scenes, no spoilers, but the climax not only delivers the biggest laughs in the movie but also delivers the message and themes that film carries, and does it quite well. Now, I don't mean message and themes like the movie is trying to get across a major point, no the film's primary objective (and it's evident) is to make you laugh, but that doesn't mean it can't have small, subtle points to go along with it. In fact, it's actually quite good that Edgar Wright delivered that in there, it's just an added quirk to the movie. 

While I can't say I overly loved the World's End, I can say it is very enjoyable and one of the better comedies released this year (actually this is the second comedy this year that I actually thought was any good, funny enough they were both about the end of the world in a way). The World's End is a very funny movie that keeps you engaged the entire way through.

7/10 Sticks of Bamboo

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